Hélène’s May mystery SAL #8

Part 8 of the mystery SAL with Hélène was very stitch intensive; with 1220 stitches for the final colour.  I actually made more work for myself than necessary because I unpicked one of the colours I had chosen for part 4 – that mustardy yellow colour

Claire May 04

As the picture became clear, I realised I needed something more flesh coloured.  Anyway, several hours of very intensive stitching later

Claire may 08

I’m now waiting impatiently for Hélène to send me the backstitch details so the picture will really come to life.  I also have an idea of how I’m going to finish this design so stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Hélène’s May mystery SAL #8

  1. I can see what the design is in the second photo, but the one that appeared in the reader preview was the first one. As the small picture scrolled into view, it looked just like a clown pulling his collar up LOL
    (still does if you squint a bit)

    • I’ve just received instructions for backstitch so will be tackling that over the weekend. It really makes a huge difference and this is going to be another lovely design.

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