naughty but nice

What’s naughty, but nice?  Chocolate cake?  Vanilla and macadamia ice-cream?  A lovely portion of fish ‘n chips?  Yep, I could go along with all of the above, but in fact, my naughtiness happened on Pelenna Patchworks

new fabric

I treated myself to some new fabric ^^  Originally, I went on-line to buy some solids (which I did buy!) but I also fell in love with this green & gold print so treated myself to 50cm by bolt width.  It’s in the new  Studio e Natural Wonders line – medallion green.  The solids (left to right) are ivory, biscuit and maize.

One of the things I love about shopping at Pelenna Patchworks, is that when you spend over £25 (which it’s so easy to do when you have no will power, like me), they send you a free pack of sixteen 5” squares.  Prints & colours always vary, and they usually include some of the new ranges.  Here is the pack I received

free charms1

You can see that one of the squares is the pink version of the “medallion” fabric

free chamrs3

very pretty, but I still prefer it in green.  And funnily enough, the other red square . . . is one I asked for when adding a few samples to my cart

free samples

The four red samples on the left are all from the new Moda Best of Morris range and the three on the right are from the Windham Fabrics Cascade collection.

Don’t ask what I plan on doing with all these goodies, because I haven’t thought that far.  I know some people buy fabrics with a specific project in mind. I prefer to buy whenever I see something I really like, and worry about what to do with it at a later date.


8 thoughts on “naughty but nice

  1. Pretty fabrics, and I tend to buy the same way myself. If I’m going to make something, I like to shop for it within my stash. Instant gratification 🙂

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