not a cloud in sight

Goodness me, today has been hot!  I’m not sure exactly how hot because I was out for part of the day, so wasn’t around to check on my thermometer but at 9am this morning the sky was a magnificent blue

9am 3 june1

with thermometer in the shade reading

9am 3 june2

yep that’s 20°C in the shade at 9 o’clock this morning and it’s not even summer yet.

Back home around 5.30pm, half an hour to put the food shopping away, and I went back outside with my camera.  The sky at 6pm looked like

6pm 3 june1

and the thermometer, still in the shade

6pm 3 june2

that looks like 29°C to me . . . I imagine it got up to at least 33° at the hottest part of the day.  Weather forecast is for more of the same over the coming days with heatwave temperatures tomorrow and Friday . . . just for fun, I’ll be leaving the thermometer outside and keeping an eye on it. ^^

Definitely not stitching weather!  I tried a stint of cross stitch this morning, in the relative cool of the living room and my needle got all sticky with sweat. 

9 thoughts on “not a cloud in sight

  1. The one downfall of summer – beautiful warm days but too warm to stitch. We are lucky, and things cool off nicely most summer nights, so I still get a little stitching done in the morning while it’s still cool.

  2. If’ you’ll take a suggestion from someone who lives in those temperatures most of the time, become a little more nocturnal. Stitch at 5am for an hour. Dig after dark. If you must do something precise with your hands and it’s so hot your brain is boiling, put a bowl of ice in front of the fan and work there. We’re currently having rather fresh mornings – down to 10C when we wok up, it’s odd actually being cold!

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