a little “Popcorn” happy dance

I’ve been doing some stitching on a few small projects – one of which is a gift for a baby to be born this month.

Parents-to-be have not said if it’s a girl or a boy, so I had to avoid obvious colours like pink or blue (which is great because I have a problem with pink) .  . and I made use of an old freebie kit I had in my stash to decorate a bright yellow bib (also sitting in my stash drawer).


The design is a little “Popcorn” bear, and was a free kit in The World of Cross Stitching magazine way, way  back.  Chart and key said to stitch in 1 thread, but I wanted him to really stand out, so I chose to stitch in two.  That turned out to be not such a good idea ^^  as I ran out of the very light mink brown part way through.  A quick dive into my leftover stash, and a matching up of threads (not easy when the colour references weren’t supplied) but I think you need to know exactly where to look to notice.


I am not sure yet whether to leave the design as it is . . . or wait until the baby arrives and add a little text (name, or something else).  I deliberately stitched off centre, so have plenty of space if I choose to add some wording, however, my husband thinks it looks rather nice as it is. 

11 thoughts on “a little “Popcorn” happy dance

    • yes both parents work, so I suppose a bib with its name would be good for when it goes to child care in a few months time.
      As long as it’s not going to be called Marie-Antoinette or Jean-Christophe, because they’re a bit long ^^

  1. One reason for leaving the name off would make it possible to pass down to another child if it isn’t kept as an “heirloom”. However, names and initials would cause me to consider saving it for them after they grow out of it. 🙂

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