Best Layer of the Month Award

Gosh yes, days become weeks which, in turn, become months . . .  which means I now have stats for a full month of egg-laying and won’t be boring you with a weekly update anymore.  From now on, it’ll be a Best Layer of the Month post.

For the month of May it’s relatively easy to see who the winner is, since she won several weeks in a row.  It’s Miss Moneypenny, our Marans-Cuckoo hybrid with a staggering 30 eggs – yep her only day off was Sunday 17th May, other than that, she’s been laying an egg a day!

moneypenny 27 05

Here she is, in a familiar pose – she always seems to be stretching her neck and having a good look about.

In second place, it’s Miss Marple with 26 eggs.

marple 27 05

And in third place it’s Miranda, with 23 eggs, but her eggs are always slightly larger than the others, so if I bothered totting up the total weight of eggs laid, she might well be in second place.

miranda 27 05

They have done themselves proud.  A grand total of 79 eggs in only 31 days.


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