Hélène’s May mystery SAL #6 & #7

Ha ha!  I was right . . . I had guessed last time what we are stitching along with Hélène and her May mystery SAL . . . and I’m more worried than ever about my choice of colours.  However, Hélène reminds me, I was worried during the April SAL and it turned out just fine, so I haven’t done any frogging . . . yet.

Part 6 looks like this

Claire may 06

and part 7

Claire may 7

You can see what I’m worried about, can’t you?  I haven’t gone for a “flesh” enough colour and I really think that’s going to look strange when the rest of the faces are stitched.

Right, I’m now going to get back to working on the baby’s bib, while I wait for Hélène to send me the pdf for the next stage. 

4 thoughts on “Hélène’s May mystery SAL #6 & #7

  1. I don’t know anything about XS, really. I’ve done very little because of vision/patience issues, but is it too late to go put in a darker color, or outline with a darker color?

    • I tend to grab leftover threads from kits, and hope they all come together. Sometimes they do, this time, I’m not so sure.

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