I’ve been all house-wifely in my kitchen . . . de-stoning cherries, sterilising jars, and generally keeping myself busy.  First up, I found a recipe for cherries in sirup, because my husband wanted me to try that . . . and then I checked recipes for cherry jam. 

For the sirup recipe, it said simply to wash cherries and leave them whole, so that was quick and easy . . . however it seemed to take forever de-stoning the rest before I could make the jam.

Photo of the results of an afternoon in the kitchen

cherries jarred

I was rather disappointed that the cherries in sirup look a pale red now, whereas they were a gorgeous deep red before.  I suppose it’s all the colour has come out in the sirup. 

cherries jarred 2

Oh well, this is a first for me.  I’ve never made either cherry jam nor cherries in sirup . . . it will be interesting to see what they taste like. I reckon the jam is going to be scrumptious.   Next harvests of cherries will probably simply be de-stoned and stored in the freezer.  All ready for clafoutis ^^

After working so hard, I decided I needed a bit of relaxation so went to sit in the grass and talk to the hens.  They were enjoying the fine weather, having a bit of a dust bath, as hens do, and generally scratching around.  I took a few photos, and just have to share this one with you.

hens bottoms

I’ve no idea what they had found, but where one goes, the others follow.

Oh and while relaxing with hens, I happened to look at my hands . . . in dismay.  All this de-stoning of cherries hasn’t done them much good! 

cherry hands

Just look at the colour of my thumb nail!  I washed several times, with soap and hot water, but stains don’t want to come out. 


9 thoughts on “cherries

  1. I reckon you’ll find that gone next time you wash your hair. Otherwise, time will take care of it, and it’s obviously not just dirt, so don’t worry about it! Those cherries look delicious, both the ones in syrup and the jars of jam. You could use some of the frozen de-stoned ones in a batch of chocolate fudge brownie – that’s really, really delicious.

  2. My hands used to look very similar when I worked in horticulture. As Kate says, once you wash your hair, your hands should come clean.
    That jam looks scrumptious. And I bet it’ll taste all the better for being home made 🙂

  3. Oh, the price of canning and jamming! But you have love products there, so it was worth it. The colored skin will slough off in a few days, and your hands will be pretty again. =) Several of my friends have chickens, and I love chicken photos. They are curious!

    • yes I always used to think chickens were silly birds, but they’re not. They’re really such characters and I am quite attached to my girls after only a month.

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