‘tis cherry season

‘Tis cherry season in our part of the country!  On 3rd May, cherries looked like this

cherries 03 05

and barely 3 weeks later, they look like this


The tree is absolutely covered, but the really big juicey ones seem to be very high up and way out of reach, even for my husband who was up on the ladder . . . never mind, the birds can have a feast on those.  This boxload is our second harvest already!  My husband picked approximately 1 kilo on Sunday, just on the lower branches, and in 15 minutes.  This evening he tackled some of the higher branches and tonight’s harvest weighs in at 3.3 kilos! 

I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!  De-stoning cherries and probably making jam.

A few photos, while I’m posting, to show you that the cats are enjoying the new cushions. 

le bleu sleeping

sleeping merlin 2

Mind you, Merlin will sleep anywhere . . .

sleeping merlin 1

merlin sleeping3

At least he’s using the cat tree now – we’ve put it in the veranda, where he can keep an eye on what’s going on outside. 


11 thoughts on “‘tis cherry season

    • I’m planning on simply freezing some so we can enjoy clafoutis once they’re out of season. This is our second harvest in 2 days and I think there will be more later in the week ^^

  1. Oh, how fortunate you are to have such wonderful fruit free for the picking!! Love the kitty pictures – there’s nothing like a relaxing/sleeping kitty pose.

    • lol one of the reasons I wanted to make cushion covers that I can take off and wash. I knew the cats would be on them, like fleas on a dog ^^

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