a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend

We’re coming to the end of a very relaxing and enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend. Not only was the weather lovely, but we also had family to visit.

The weekend was therefore filled with lots of nattering and catching up, delicious home-cooked food, and we made use of the extra pairs of hands to do a few little “jobs”.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had help from Lindashee and Titia with the hens – wing clipping.  But I also had help fruit picking and cooking.  On Saturday evening we made a gorgeous light, creamy strawberry pavlova with our hens’ freshly laid eggs and home-grown strawberries.  On Sunday we all dug into a home-baked cherry clafoutis, brought by Y’s parents who arrived for coffee, and on Monday we made another cherry clafoutis, this time with cherries from our orchard and eggs from our hens.

While I wasn’t getting help in the kitchen, my husband was getting help building his bee hive.


Lindashee, her boyfriend, Y, and eldest son (you can see his legs and feet, wearing my yellow garden shoes)) were only too willing to help work out the assembly instructions which, apparently, left most of the assembly job up to the imagination ^^



The main assembly job is finished.  However the hive isn’t ready yet.

So good food, excellent company, gorgeous weather . . . and everyone giving a helping hand.

That’s not all they gave . . . They came with pressies . . . for me ^^

Y had been scouring bookshops in Lyon and brought me a lovely pile of bookmarks (many in duplicate so I can send them to fellow collectors)

mp 24 05

and eldest son & ‘Titia, just back from a holiday in Florida, gave me


a cute TY plush owl and a miniature cat.


4 thoughts on “a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend

  1. I’m intrigued by the beehive – I’ve always wanted to keep bees and I never knew you could get build-yourself beehives. Good job you had so much extra help to hand…

    • it was actually one in “kit” form, rather like the hen coop we bought. Everything is there, all the different levels and frame thingies. But instructions were as clear as muddy water, and no illustrations to help.

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