Best Layer of the Week #5

Well we had to get the scissors out and do some wing clipping.  When I say “we”, I mean, myself, Lindashee and ‘Titia (both of whom were here for the weekend) because the hens were simply too happy to see us and flying over the fencing each time they heard the gate open.  This week alone, Miss Moneypenny flew out of the park 3 times and Miranda and Miss Marple once.  It took three of us to do the job.  I caught and held each hen in turn, Lindashee unfolded a wing . . . and ‘Titia did the clipping.

We’ve had another bumper egg collection this week- TWENTY eggs in total . . . divided by three hens means that

Marple Mpenny

Miss Moneypenny and Miss Marple both laid SEVEN eggs each

and Miranda laid SIX eggs.

Miranda 3 05

So it’s been eggs galore – omelettes, meringues, and poached egg on toast. 


6 thoughts on “Best Layer of the Week #5

  1. If you like quiches, they are another good way to use eggs and you can put vegetables in them. What breed are Miss Moneypenny and Miss Marple? Miss Marple looks like she might be the same breed as my black Sexlinks. They lay really good!

    • yep we’ve been making quiche . . . and meringues and omelettes, and “clafoutis” and pancakes ^^
      Our girls aren’t pure breed birds. They are hybrids, bought from a local breeder. Sold as “red hen”, “black hen” and “Marans-Cuckoo” (that’s Miss Moneypenny).

  2. Good plan. They’ll try to fly a couple of times, realise they’re all lopsided and give up. You may have to repeat once or twice, but after that even chooks are clever enough to learn when to give up!

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