we have cushions!

We have cushions for our veranda – yay!  And I love the fabric even more now that it’s sewn up.  As you know, we have 6 iron “vintage” chairs that my husband painted in a metallic bottle green. We like green.  Although they looked nice, they were a bit hard on the old bottom . . . and my problem was that the 6 chairs are in pairs, and we therefore have 3 different seat sizes. Not easy when looking to buy ready made in shops.  So . . . I bought myself a huge piece of foam, 3cm thick, delved into my fabric stash . . . and after 2 days (well two half days really) of cutting and sewing . . .


The hardest part was probably cutting the foam.  I didn’t have a large enough compass,  no proper cutting tools for foam, so I made a make-shift compass with a length of ribbon and a felt pen . . . and used a nice sharp kitchen knife.  Foam isn’t very well cut, and circles look a bit approximate, but they’re the best I could do.

I set to work and the result looks like


Pretty good, I thought!  I’ve gone for removeable covers . . . so these are not reversible because on the underside I have




Once I knew my system worked, I steamed on and made the other five (for some reason I haven’t got the sixth chair in photos, but it has a cushion, I swear!)

cushions 04

Now, I still had a fair bit of fabric AND quite a large piece of foam left over . . . so I decided to do some more cutting and make two more cushions for one of the wooden benches in the veranda.  I decided to use a “pillow” technique for these, since they are rectangular


They are therefore reversable . . . and that’s where there’s a little surprise ^^


I didn’t have enough of the floral fabric so did some patchwork, adding purple.  The reason I made two, and not one long cushion was two-fold.  Firstly, I didn’t have enough foam left to be able to cut one piece (the bench is 50” long by 16”) but I did have enough to juggle and cut two 25” pieces.  And, secondly, . . . I thought we could also do this


or this


It’s not very comfortable sitting with a stone wall behind your back . . . so this way, it’s a very comfy spot with a back rest.

I am thrilled to bits with my new cushions!  It’s been another learning curve.  I now know foam is easy to cut in straight lines, but not circles!  It cost me 24€ for the foam (including 9€ p&p); the floral fabric cost me 10€ for 3 metres a few years ago.  The velcro probably cost around 3€.  The purple fabric was leftover from the bed banner I made recently so I don’t really count that, nor the thread nor my time . . . according to my maths, it’s cost me 37€ in supplies to make 6 custom round cushions and my 2 custom bench cushions.  That’s just over 4€ a cushion – I don’t think I could have bought them for that price.  Plus . . . I still had some foam left and a very small amount of floral fabric . . . so I made another cushion  ^^

last cushion1

This one looks more of an “after thought” (which it was) and is quite scrappy but I’ve tried to keep to colour scheme and have as much floral fabric as possible.

last cushion2

I’m sure the cats will like this one. It’s on half of the second bench, where they like to lie in the sun.


12 thoughts on “we have cushions!

    • well I was motivated to do a few things, like cushions, because we have family visiting this weekend. Maybe you need visitors ^^

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