making the bed

We’ve been in our house for almost 6 months and we’re still nowhere near straight.  Cupboard content isn’t properly organised . . . there are still loads of boxes stacked, unopened, in the attic.  We’ve got naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in every room, no curtains/blinds . . . basically, we’ve been slacking.

The main reason is that we consciously made the decision, when we bought, that we wanted to live here for 12 months, and get used to the house before we began any redecorating or other work indoors.  However, there were a few things that needed sorting – namely beds. Or should I say: spare beds.

Up until now, when we’ve had family staying, it’s been a question of mattresses or futons on the floor or opening out the manky sofa bed . . . but no longer!

The sofa bed, which is in my sewing room,  now looks very bright!  It’s still the same sofa bed, but I have discarded the manky blue cover, and bought a brand new one which really livens up my sewing room and looks a lot more appealing as a guest bed.  Don’t pay attention to wallpaper – as I said, redecorating will be done at a later date.


So that’s one double bed easy to make up.  The next room, the official “guest room” had a bed frame and a mattress (second hand) but nothing to stop the mattress from falling through onto the floor ^^  I therefore, finally got around to remedying that!  Ordered online because I was expecting the thing to be in one piece and no way would it have fit in the car. As it turns out, it arrived in kit form.

Ever so easy to assemble. A few nuts and bolts to assemble the metal frame, and then easy peasy to fix the 44 slats in place





Now I just need to shift some of the junk piled in the guest room and make it look more welcoming because we have guests this weekend ^^

And must make a start on cushions for the veranda!  Thank you for your comments and opinions on fabric choices . . . My husband surprised me and actually voiced a preference which just so happened to coincide with mine lol.  Fabric for cushions will be


So I’m off to start cutting foam and fabric!


7 thoughts on “making the bed

    • I was going to go for something in Blackjack colour, because he is naughty and often sleeps on that sofa bed. But then I thought “what the hell” and went for something zany. Now Blackjack won’t be allowed on the sofa at all ^^

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