how does your garden grow?

Sunshine, summer temperatures for several days, followed by rain and a drop of more than 10° . . . I’m amazed that the plants know what they’re doing!  Yet they seem to be doing just fine.

Our strawberry plants are flourishing and I was able to harvest this little load (scales were set to zero so the weight you see is the weight of the strawberries NOT the basket as well) – 278g


The kiwi has suddenly come into blossom – or at least the branches  that are in full sunlight have



There were lots of buzzing bees flying from flower to flower so hopefully, we will be snowed under with kiwis later in the year.  The figs are growing bigger, slowly but surely


and . . . I forgot to take my camera with me, but the cherry tree is covered in ripening cherries, the pear tree has a few tiny pears sprouting and the apple trees are also coming into fruit.  The raspberry plants don’t seem to be doing too well. Not sure what’s up with them, but a couple keeled over and died.  And the tomato and broccoli plants we planted seem to be thriving in their holes in the grass ^^

And more pretty surprises in the garden, with this burst of purple just outside the veranda



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