snug as a bug in a rug

Hihi . . . I’ve never made anything quite so snug before . . . and I’m feeling quite smug.  ‘Titia and eldest son gave me some fabric for my birthday way back in February, and I actually began a sewing project with one piece but it got put on hold because things weren’t going quite as planned.  However, now they have . . . I can show you my latest pouch.


A really bright, fun, fabric with kokeshi dolls.  The print is quite big so I didn’t cut or try patchwork, I simply kept the fabric whole and did some stippling quilting.  I tried a new (for me) method of fastening, with a strip of  coordinating turquoise fabric and velcro


It does the job and I quite like it.  The back looks pretty much the same


the pouch is lined


and is the snuggest fit ever for . . .



my 10” tablet – yay! 


5 thoughts on “snug as a bug in a rug

    • print was rather on the large size to cut into small pièces and use for a proper patchwork project, so yes, another pouch seemed the ideal solution.

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