not much stitching but more bookmarks!

When I look back at my recent posts, I seem to be rambling on about the hens, eggs, the garden, hungry caterpillars etc and moving away from what this blog originally began out as.  I have to say, I am enjoying the variety, and I hope you are too.  It will always be the place where I share my crafting first and foremost – however, I have come in contact with lots of crafters over the years who also enjoy a variety of other activites . . . and I think my blog is perhaps reflecting my day-to-day life now more than it used to.  Yes, crafting is what I love to do but it’s not the only thing.

Now I do have a few stitching photos to show you, but nothing terribly exciting. The reason: I’ve been working on (and finished) several secret projects that can’t be shown just yet.  What I can show you is


the beginnings of a birth gift.  Baby is due sometime in June – parents won’t say if it’s a boy or a girl so I’m going for a neutral yellow bib and, what will be, a fairly neutral design.  More on that in a few weeks. 

And my “Life” stitching that hasn’t seen much work of late.


I am no where near having completed this fourth section, but it’s the largest and there is a lot of counting to do.

A last photo and a huge “merci” to Flo who always remembers me on her travels, and frequently sends me little surprise packages with bookmarks for my collection.



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