another whopper

Goodness me – our hens are full of surprises . . . I found another whopper egg in the nesting box yesterday and it’s even bigger than the first.  A staggering 79g.

79g whopper

Doesn’t look much different from a normal egg laying on the scales, but compared with the others – this one really does NOT fit in the box!

79g whopper2 (2)

Unsure who laid this, I did a little shell comparison.  It’s not Miss Moneypenny’s, that’s for sure, since she laid a normal darker egg yesterday. 

However, when seen with a Miss Marple egg on the left and a Miranda egg on the right

whopper comparison2

I think you’ll agree the shell definitely looks like a Miss Marple egg.  Since I missed the cracking open of our double yolker last week, I couldn’t resist making myself a tasty brunch with this beauty which I photographed in the pan.

seeing double

Have been doing some reading up on what causes a double yolk.  Apparently there’s a 1 in 1000 chance of a hen laying a double yolk, although chances are higher in younger birds.  It’s because ovulation isn’t quite regulated so two ovules get released almost simultaneously and therefore encased in the same egg shell.  It’s not something to hope for – bigger eggs mean more stress for the hen laying, and possible complications.  So, while it was very yummy, let’s hope we don’t see too many more of these!


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