Best Layer of the Week #4

Weather has been really up and down this week. Boiling hot Monday through to Wednesday and then heavy rain and high winds for several days . . . I wonder if this explains why egg production is down slightly this week.  One hen has been laying consistently, (I’ll tell you who in a few seconds) . . . the other girls seem to have been taking it in turns. Just to say that I’ve only be collecting 2 eggs a day this week so a total of 14, which is still more than enough for my husband and myself.

The best layer this week, is . . .

moneypenny 08 05

Miss Moneypenny again!  With SIX eggs.

Miranda and Miss Marple come in joint second with four eggs each.

miranda and marple 8 05

Oh by the way – the whopper egg Miranda laid WAS a double yolker.  I unfortunately wasn’t present at the cracking open of that egg  – and it was already whisked into an omelette before my husband told me.  Did he think to take a photo? No, of course not.

Oh and fun and games out at the hen coop the other day . . . when I go to see the girls, they stop whatever it is they are doing and coming running to greet me. The other day, Miss Moneypenny was so pleased to see me, she came running, wings flapping, and before she knew it . . . she took off, and flew out of their park lol.  I’m not sure who was the most surprised!  Her, me, or the other two hens.

Anyway, once on the wrong side of the fencing, she didn’t seem too intent on exploring further afield and I was able to pick her up very gently and put her back into the park.  This incident, obviously, raised the question of: do we clip their wings or not?  For the moment, I’m waiting to see if it happens again.  Hens seem very content with the space they have, and I don’t think they’re planning a “chicken run” or anything like that.  It could have been a one-off incident, but if they start making a habit of flying out to greet me, then yes, we’ll have to do some wing clipping because I won’t have time to round up three hens each time I pop out to give them their treats.


5 thoughts on “Best Layer of the Week #4

  1. You only need to trim about 5 feathers on one side, just enough to make them lopsided in flight. It’s unnerving for them, and they don’t try again. I used to find that just one feather clipping was enough…

  2. Even with a large pen area, our chickens have all at one time or another taken to trying to fly out. After all, the grass has to be greener on the outside, right? 🙂 We just clipped a few wings on one side and all was good. They get over it very quickly and are soon just running to you again. Ours always want their treats, like the strawberry tops and salad scraps from this morning’s kitchen prepping.

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