choices for new cushions

I said the other day that I need to make some comfy cushion seats for these very uncomfy metal chairs


Now, I’ve already ordered the foam . . . it wasn’t really possible to consider buying ready-made inserts as chairs are not all the same size. Two have a 45cm diameter seat, two have a 35cm diameter and the two kiddie’s sized chairs have a 37cm diameter (don’t ask me why). Anyway, I’ve been and ordered myself a large piece of foam (200cm x 120cm) 3cm thick. Although I haven’t sat and done the maths that will be more than enough for 6 cushion seats.   In fact I will probably just make for the adult chairs since we have no kiddies in the family at the moment.  If I decide to make back rests, I think I’ll need a thinner foam.

Now, because the furniture itself is “recycled” and because I’ve already splashed out on foam . . . I would like to keep costs down and make my new cushions using what I have in my stash.  I have seen some gorgeous fabrics in my favourite on-line shops but I’m telling myself “no!”.

After a rummage . . . I came up with 4 large lengths of fabric that I have in sufficient quantity.  One is a brand new double bedsheet and the 3 others, I have 3 metres of each.  Again, I haven’t done the maths yet, but 3 metres should be enough for 6 cushion seats. 


That’s the bedsheet – a sort of bordeaux coloured motif on a creamy white. Hmmm doesn’t do a lot for me. 


I quite like this one – beiges and teal greens.  Not bad.


I do like this purple one. It has a lovely sheen, but I wonder if it doesn’t look a bit too “posh” for veranda furniture.

And then, the last one, which has to be my favourite


Definitely more fun don’t you think?  I bought this piece several years ago because I love the bright colours but have never known what to do with it.  Do I dare make my cushions with this?  Or should I go for one of the others?  Maybe the teal and beige one?


Any comments and opinions will be welcome. I can’t guarantee that I’ll listen Rire  but all input will be read and taken into account.  I suppose I ought to ask my husband what he thinks as well, but I doubt he’ll be too bothered what the cushions look like as long as there are cushions!


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