the very hungry caterpillars

We’ve got an infestation of ravenous caterpillars in our garden, and drastic measures have been taken (although I’m unsure if they’re drastic enough).We had (yep, past tense) a huge Buxus Sempervirens (commonly called boxwood) bush in our garden and it was completely infested with caterpillars.  Searching on the internet: they’re boxwood moth caterpillars    that have invaded Europe from Eastern Asia.

Our boxwood (in photo, the very large khaki looking thing on the right – khaki  because leaves are dead) was completely eaten away by these ravenous caterpillars, which had completely devastated THAT bush and have begun destroying the smaller nice green one on the far right.


The first bush has now been reduced to this


and all branches (along with caterpillars and chrysalides) have been reduced to ash in our fireplace.  However, there are still some caterpillars lurking in the other bush


I reckon we should have cut down (and burned) both bushes, but my husband seems to think the massacre of caterpillars and chrysalides will do the trick. My worry is the life cycle.  Apparently there can be 3 generations in 1 year . . . and then, of course, there are the eggs.

Anyway, since our drastic measures, I have been going out several times a day with my little plastic bowl and caught dozens and dozens of the little green things and chrysalides.  Boiling water.  It’s a quick death.  We’re hoping to save our second bush, but it will mean daily pest patrol.

On a happier note . . . we did some clearing out of our veranda which had become more of a storage space than anything else.  It’s still not exactly how I want it, but at least we have room to sit down


The table and chairs are old café furniture (vintage lol) that my husband bought at the flea market for 20 euros (for one table & 6 chairs).


He repainted in a bottle green metallic and my job will be to make some fun cushions.  I’ve ordered the foam . . . I’m now umming and ahhing over what fabric to use ^^


9 thoughts on “the very hungry caterpillars

    • I think Spring is probably the best time of the year. And yes, plants are benefiting from the warm sun and almost tropical climate at the moment.

  1. Welcome to tropical-style pest control! Plague proportions is the norm… Still, you and the husband have the right idea. How about a nice red and white spot or gingham fabric for the cushions, to offset the dark green? Or a fabulous sulphur yellow paisley print from Provence?

    • one of my French readers suggested a nice “Caterpillar green” lol. I’m actually thinking purple, or orange or green (surprise!) . . . I have some large 3m fabrics in my stash, but then I’ve also spotted some gorgeous fabrics on-line. I’m thinking something more “tropical” than gingham though.

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