Best Layer of the Week Award #3

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the most gorgeous, scorcher of a Sunday afternoon. Almost feels like the height of summer!  The hens were lying in the shade, when I went out to collect eggs today, but immediately came sprinting when they saw me coming lol.  Over the past few days I have started introducing afternoon treats: a small handful of corn, a few meal worms, table scraps . . . but only at around 5pm when they’ve had a good meal of layers feed and plenty of activity scratching for whatever they can find.

So . . . drum roll for this week’s Best Layer of the Week Award . . . and a very loud drum roll this time, because . . . the winner is Miss Moneypenny!

moneypenny 8 05

Miss Moneypenny is in a class of her own this week . . . with a total of SEVEN eggs!  And I have to add that she’s been laying an egg a day since last Friday, so she’s actually laid ten days in a row!  She’s on a roll.

I was quite surprised to see, today, that Miss Moneypenny used the middle nest box for today’s egg, and even lined the nest with a few duvet feathers – awwwww.  Up until now, hens have been laying in the left & right box, but no one seemed interested in the middle nest.  It will be interesting to see if the hens decide to use separate nest boxes each time in future.

I also have to add that Miss Moneypenny is the noisey girl in our little flock.  She gives a very loud announcement everytime she lays – sounds more like a duck than a hen – and keeps it up for several minutes to make sure that everyone has heard.  The other girls don’t make such a song and dance, they just nip up the ramp, lay, and then come back down.  Saying that, I think Miss Moneypenny is perfectly entitled to announce her egg-laying, especially with the production this week!

Miss Marple

Marple 8 05

is in second place this week with a total of SIX eggs.

And Miranda, with a very respectable FIVE eggs in third place.

miranda 8 05

So, another 18 eggs collected this week.  We’ve enjoyed hard-boiled eggs, taragon & cheese omelette and I’ll be making a mushroom & bacon quiche tonight.

On a side note . . . early this week, while cleaning the coop, I found this

soft shell

It’s the remains of a soft-shelled egg, which means, an egg that passed through too quickly and didn’t have enough time for the hard shell to be formed.  You can see beak marks on the skin . . . which suggests that hens pecked and ate the contents. However, I have no way of knowing exactly when it was laid.  I did have a slight moment of panic – having read that once hens taste fresh eggs, they can make a habit of breaking shells to eat their own eggs.  However, since all girls laid so well this week, I think this soft shell was just a technical glitch.


6 thoughts on “Best Layer of the Week Award #3

  1. Well done those hens! Eating their own eggs is much more likely if they’re short of calcium, so if they have a plentiful supply of shell grit and free range food, you should be fine.

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