Hélène’s May Mystery SAL #1 and other chat

I haven’t posted much about cross stitch recently but I have been stitching.  I am currently working on a “summer” themed project but won’t be able to reveal that because it’s for an exchange in mid-June.  What I can show you today however . . . the beginnings of Hélène & Mahélia’s latest mystery SAL

I’m stitching on a pale blue aida (doesn’t show up very well in the photos). Aida, because on the last mystery I had problems with miscounting in the early stages on evenweave, so aida seemed an easier choice.

Part 1

Claire May 01

. . . way too early to start guessing, so I’m just happy to stitch.

I also got busy with my sewing machine, but not doing anything fun.  My husband had an accident with his one and only decent pairs of jeans and made a whacking great big hole in them.  I went out and bought him a new pair of jeans, but decided I would also attempt a repair job.  I am quite pleased with the repair


Obviously, you can see it when jeans are laid out flat, but when on, it’s more in the inside-leg region and I’m hoping it won’t notice too much.


He might actually be able to get away with wearing these out in public ^^  Not like his other pair of work jeans that I also patched up, but I won’t show you those as they’re not fit for public viewing lol.

While I had blue thread in my sewing machine, I also did something I’d been thinking about for the past 5 months. . . we have some wooden dining chairs with wicker seats. Anyone with cats, knows that cats LOVE to claw away at that kind of thing. I had plopped some garden furniture cushions onto the chairs to protect the seats which worked fine. However, each time we used the chairs and then stood up the cushions kept falling off and I kept on saying “I need to make some ties”.  Five months went past . . . and today I did lol.


Nothing stupendous – just lengths of blue biais binding very rapidly machine sewn to two corners of the cushions and then tied in a knot around the chair. I haven’t even tried to tie a pretty bow or anything – a loose knot is fine. Keeps them in place, stops the cats from clawing . . . and when we eventually decide on decorating and colour schemes, I will get around to replacing these yellow & blue cushions.  The important thing is the wicker seats are now safe.


2 thoughts on “Hélène’s May Mystery SAL #1 and other chat

  1. Now that’s a very respectable darn. Almost invisible from a distance, most impressive! My husband manages rips in his work jeans on a regular basis, and I’ve learned to keep a stock of ready made patches cut from jeans which are beyond help. If I poke around enough in the stock I can usually find one that matches pretty well – enough to be respectable, as you say!

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