it’s raining again . . .

It is indeed raining again . . . seems to be quite typical on Friday. Gorgeous weather all week and then rain on Friday . . . but this Friday we don’t care. In fact the rain is more than welcome because it means we don’t have to water what we just planted.

Yep, today my gardening-mad husband is home (another long Bank Hol weekend in France) but many of the large shops/gardening centres are open so off we went.  First stop off was Mr Bricolage (a DIY shop)  . . . then to Gamm Vert (a large chain animal/garden centre . . . and then to a local garden centre.  At each stop off, we bought a few things, and gradually filled up the car.

I got roped into getting my hands muddy today, because rain was threatening when we got home . . . there wasn’t too much to plant and I was more interested in saving some of the lovely fat white maggots and earthworms that got dug up . . . which I immediately gave to the hens who gobbled up those juicy delicacies in the blink of an eye ^^

So, what did we plant today?  Well, edible things, of course lol.   We bought six Black Krim tomato plants


Six broccoli plants


and a cucumber plant


You’ll notice we didn’t plough up a proper veggie plot, but simply dug holes and planted, leaving other ground vegetation as it was.  We’re trying something “new” (that husband has been reading up about).  If it works, then all well and good, if it doesn’t, then we’ll do the traditional ploughed veggie plot next year.

While working in the veggie patch, a neighbour showed up with a gift . . . he had been mushrooming . . . and gave us a basket full of Saint George’s mushrooms (calocybe gambosa) plus instructions on how to prepare them.


Almost 700g of mushrooms there! however, like with any type of mushroom, they will really shrink down when cooked.  I’m looking forward to dinner tonight Rire

oh, and my husband wanted something “pretty” to add a splash of colour to the veranda.  So he chose a couple of plants that appreciate lots of sunlight. A Centaurea hybride


A Leptospermum


and a Callistmon Laevis


If we discover that they don’t thrive in the veranda, then we’ll replant in a nice sunny spot in the garden.

Meanwhile, in the garden, our Lily of the Valley is thriving and flowers are open so it’s wonderfully fragrant.


and the Kiwi plant is covered in buds and really growing fast & furiously




4 thoughts on “it’s raining again . . .

    • yes I know, but since the veggie patch hasn’t been used as a veggie patch for at least 5 years, hubbie reckons soil should be rich enough to allow our veggies AND the other vegetation to grow together. We’ll soon find out ^^ Only spent 50cts on each plant so if it fails, we won’t have broken the bank (nor our backs).

  1. I love the spirals that you’ve got for your tomatoes. They look much more decorative than boring canes 🙂
    I’ll be interested to see how the veggies fare in amongst the grass. It looks a lot less work if everything grows ok.

    • yes, metal spirals, very practical for plants to grow up and round. Also never rust, never bend or break so we use them year in, year out.
      As for “how will our garden grow?” – I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on this hole in the ground plantation method lol.

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