Best Layer of the Week Award #2

Don’t worry, this post will only be for the first few weeks and will gradually morph into Best Layer of the Month Award. For the moment though, I only have a few weeks of hen-keeping behind me, so it’s still all new, all exciting, and I’m still keeping note of eggs laid.

Last week it was Miss Marple who won with 6 eggs while Miranda and Miss Moneypenny came in joint second with 5 eggs each.  I’ve been keeping tabs, and giving all girls a good pep talk throughout the week and I think they’ve been listening ^^

We’ll do things in reverse order this week . . . in third place, with another very respectable score of FIVE eggs was Miss Moneypenny

moneypenny 3 05

In second place, with SIX eggs was . . .


Miranda 3 05

and yes, you’ve guessed it . . . Miss Marple is our Layer of the Week, a second week running with SEVEN eggs!


Thanks to our girls, we have collected an incredible EIGHTEEN fresh eggs this week and have begun giving fresh eggs to our neighbours because 18 is rather a lot to eat when there are just the two of us.

I had thought the rain and damp weather would put them off laying, but apparently not.  Girls are being let out in the morning around 8am and being put to bed at 9pm which means they’re getting 13 hours of day-light.  They seem to appreciate their “layers” feed and are now able to scratch and peck at whatever they find in their park area.  Since yesterday we have started introducing a few table scraps, but only in very small quantities.  This morning they enjoyed some left over pasta and bolognaise ^^


14 thoughts on “Best Layer of the Week Award #2

    • I’m going to have to give some more away next week because I’ve now got 11 in my bowl, and they’ll be laying more tomorrow ^^ Never thought 3 hens would produce so many eggs!

    • I get the feeling Miss Marple is actually going to win every week – according to the breeder, black hens and red hens are the most prolific layers.

  1. I used to sell mine at the local market – I had 6 hens and at the time there was only one of me, so after I’d had my share and I’d given some away, I always had a surplus.

    • not allowed to sell at markets or anywhere else unless registered with some office or other (for health reasons, I imagine). Nothing to stop me from giving them away though lol

      • unfortunately yes it is. But then again, with all the genetically modified stuff around I think it’s good to have certain controls. I mean, I know my hens are “free ranging” (a bit grandiose a term since I have only 24m2 for 3 hens) and getting healthy food, but if I were allowed to sell eggs at the local market, how would my buyers know?
        Let’s face it, when we were younger, we didn’t wonder what conditions were like for the hens laying the eggs we ate, or what kind of life the animal we were carving for the Sunday roast had had. Nowadays there is such intensive farming in all areas, with use of anti-biotics etc . . . if the consumer wants to buy proper free range eggs for example, then he needs some kind of guarantee that those eggs really are from free ranging hens. Anyway, our hens seem happy & healthy (I don’t think they’d be laying so well if they weren’t) ^^ We are happy and so are the neighbours^^ Just wait until the fruit ripens and we’ll be doing some bartering with neighbours: figs for green beans, or eggs for tomatoes lol.

      • I suppose when I was doing it, the market was small and local, we all knew each other and there was some certainty about the conditions in which the animals were kept and what they ate. One of the things I like here is the relative freedom from regulations, but even that is changing slowly. Give it 5 years and I wouldn’t be able to sell my eggs either…

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