oh what a beautiful day

After an incredibly wet and dismal May 1st, the sun has decided to show its face today.  So what do we do when the weather is fine?  We head off down to the orchard with camera in hand to see what the fruit trees are up to ^^

To get to the orchard, we have to go down a grassy bank, and follow the stream for a couple of metres . . . stream which is gushing and quite full after the recent rain.



Blackjack wasn’t tempted to go for a swim lol.  It looks quite deep and current was pretty impressive.  Alongside the stream there are loads of wild flowers enjoying the moisture and shade

stream 3

wild flowers2

wild flowers

including nettles


Except Kate tells me this is Yellow Archangel, so my plans of nettle soup go out the window ^^

In the orchard, fruit trees are indeed doing their thing.  Apple blossom is turning into apples

fruit tree

and cherry blossom into cherries lol.

cherries 03 05

The plum trees don’t seem to be doing much at the moment but I’m sure they will, all in good time.

Meanwhile, in the garden, in another shady spot . . . ferns are popping up everywhere, obviously enjoying the damp weather


Oh and another photo of my feet Rire  yes, I wanted to show you my snazzy “garden shoes”


Brilliant, aren’t they?  Just plastic clog type things, that are easy to slip on and off, for when I go to the coop.  My other half has a pair in boring black – I went for something slightly more fun ^^

5 thoughts on “oh what a beautiful day

  1. Brilliant shoes! My wellies are blue with flowers on. I don’t see the point of getting boring garden footwear when you can have something pretty instead 🙂

  2. Those gardening clogs are enough to bring the sun out all by themselves! I’m not sure the hens will find nettles that attractive, but they make great mulch or compost. The photo you show isn’t actually nettles, it’s Archangel, a sort of Dead Nettle with a yellow flower. It’s quite invasive, so don’t bring it into your garden unless you want it everywhere!

    • thanks for that info Kate. Am off to Google Archangel ^^ and no it’s not in the garden, but down by the Stream so not actually on our land.

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