the April Mystery SAL happy dance

I can show you my happy dance with the April mystery SAL organised by Hélène.  You’ve seen the picture taking shape as I posted my updates, but it isn’t until the last colours and back stitch are added that you can really stand back and admire ^^

As always, Hélène did herself proud. She kept up the suspense for several weeks, and she has had us all stitching a really gorgeous little piece.

Claire's April finish

A very tender moment between mother and child . . . doesn’t that baby look cute?

April finish2

April finish1

It’s been a while since I put a cross stitched piece in a frame . . . and I have to say, this is probably only temporary.  I have framed it, because I wanted to be able to have a happy dance, but I may well take fabric out of the frame at a later date and finish off in some other way.  If I do, I will be sure to show you ^^

17 thoughts on “the April Mystery SAL happy dance

    • yes it will probably be made into a gift at some point, and personalised for a baby . . . when I know someone who is expecting a baby ^^

    • that’s the great thing about the mystery SALs. Each stage is so do-able, that it’s easy to keep stitching and have lots of finishes, almost without realising

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