happy un-birthdays in April

I had lots of fun this month . . . I’ve been feeling in a celebratory mood because of the gorgeous weather, so I sent out not one, not two, but three un-birthday greetings this month. 

It’s taken a while for post to arrive, because some ladies live a very long way away.  The first little surprise I posted, and the last to arrive was to Angela, aka Wisher of Pretty Little Things in a Box. Angela lives in Singapore. She loves doing all sorts of crafts: stitching, knitting, crocheting and she makes some beautiful things.

This is what I sent to her.

un birthday Wisher

I realised, at this rate, that I wouldn’t have enough of my little cupcake needle keeps if I decided to celebrate more than one un-birthday a month. So . . . I did some blackwork using part of a design by Elizabeth Almond of Blackwork Journey and had lots of fun making more needle keeps.

This one, in turquoise 


found its way to Kate, tall tales from chiconia,   all those miles away in Australia.  And it didn’t go unaccompanied.  I also sent a French magazine that Kate had been drooling over from afar.

un birthday Kate

I had bought this for myself BUT when reading through, I discovered that some of the designs I really loved (and I showed you a photo a few weeks ago)


were available in a complete book. So, what did I do?  I sent the magazine to Kate, so she can stitch some chooks, and take a rest from patchworking . . . and I bought myself the book so I can stitch even more lol.


Anyway, I said three unbirthday celebrations this month . . . indeed, and the third person to receive a surprise through the post (actually the first, because she lives in England) was Carole of a slight obsession with books.  Carole is an avid reader as well as stitcher/patchworker and cat-lover . . . so not only did I make a needle keep . . . I also kept on stitching that little motif and made a bookmark too. In shocking pink lol. 

un birthday Carole

I’m not really a pink gal, but when I go pink, I really do go completely over the top ^^  Some very “Austin Powers’ buttons were sent along too, because I think a girl can never have too many buttons.

Anyway, I had great fun preparing these little surprises, and it was exciting, waiting for postmen in England, Australia and Singapore to deliver ^^  I wonder who I shall send to in May?  Hmmmm . . . keep your eyes on your letter box lol.

11 thoughts on “happy un-birthdays in April

  1. She certainly did! The needle book is already in use, and I have the magazine beside my embroidery chair, so I can keep reminding myself of what’s waiting – more motivation to finish the quilting!

  2. Thanks from me too. Both the needle book and bookmark are in use and the gorgeous buttons are safely stashed away until I find the perfect project for them. It was a lovely surprise to get them, especially as I love pink 🙂

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