Blackjack is loving life in the country

Blackjack is really loving life in the country. There is so much for a dog to do!  So many interesting places to wander off to (yes naughty boy, he’s been wandering off into the neighbouring fields when we have our backs turned). So many smells. so much space!

He’s been enjoying the arrival of the hens, but isn’t allowed to go and see them without me. I’ve got the 24m2 park all around the coop, even if we haven’t inaugurated it yet, so that our animals get used to it. In the first days, they tried to walk straight into it and I had to untangle Merlin several times.

in situ

Anyway, while he’s not allowed to play with the hens, Blackjack has been taking on a new job, very seriously.

tortoise dog

There’s a cage that has appeared, and he knows there’s something small inside, but he isn’t really sure what. Whatever it is, he knows it needs guarding lol, so he parks himself and doesn’t let the cats get close.  He actually growls at them if they try!

What he’s guarding is


two baby tortoise lol.  So Blackjack is a “tortoise dog” Rire  They’re not mine, don’t worry. The menagerie hasn’t grown out of all proportion.  I’m just looking after them for a week while their owners are away on holiday.

All work and no play isn’t good for a dog though. So . . . I went out and bought Blackjack a new toy.  When we lived in our previous house, with very small garden, I used to take Blackjack to the park for “throw & fetch”.  I seem to have lost his squeaky toy during the move, so I bought a new one. Bright pink lol.

new toy1

Very girlie, but Blackjack doesn’t seem to care and we go to the orchard for a play session. It’s a lovely size, and is all knobbly so easy to grip. It also has a squeaker in one end, which makes it all the more fun.

new toy2

new toy3

I’d say Blackjack seems happy, wouldn’t you?


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