Best Layer of the Week Award ^^

Yes, title says it all !!!  I’ve been keeping careful note of eggs being laid this week. After lots of observation, I now know, with certainty, who lays which eggs, so it’s been easy to keep track of things. Miranda lays the largest – usually around 53g – normal flesh colour but slightly speckled. Miss Marple lays flesh coloured eggs, no speckles, and hers are slightly rounder and smaller. Average weight for her is 50g.  And Miss Moneypenny lays the darkest shells, and also the smallest – around 42g. 

All girls have amazed us this week. We had a couple of “hat tricks” with the pleasure of collecting 3 eggs in one day several times. And Miranda has me even more amazed because she actually managed to lay two eggs in the same day! Seriously, I kid you not, one in the morning and another in the evening!

They are now able to enjoy life in their 24m2 park

out in the park 26 04

Not a terribly large space for three hens, by some standards,  but we’ll be able to move it around and make sure they have plenty of fresh ground to scratch at. 

Anyway, back to the results of the “award”.  I’ve done the totting up . . . on total of eggs since Monday morning . . . the drum is rolling . . . are you ready, sitting on the edge of your seats? 

Okay – the winner of this week’s Best Layer Award is . . .

Miss Marple 26 04

Miss Marple !!!!  Yes, congratulations to Miss Marple for an incredible SIX eggs in only seven days!  We are amazed, astounded, and very very proud to have Miss Marple in our flock.

We mustn’t forget the two other girls though, who both did remarkably well and came in joint runners up with FIVE eggs each.  So please, a big round of applause also, for Miranda

Miranda 26 04

and Miss Moneypenny

Miss Moneypenny 26 04

Thanks to the efforts of all three girls, my egg-bowl has been overflowing with a total of sixteen eggs.


10 thoughts on “Best Layer of the Week Award ^^

    • lol okay first Miranda because there’s an English actress/comedian called Miranda Hart. Has made her own BBC TV series called “Miranda” which I absolutely love. If you get a chance to see it, you really should. Also, the coop we bought was the model “Miranda Duplex” so I thought it was too much of a coincidence not to name one of the girls Miranda.

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