before “selfies” and what I need to tackle first

The thing when you move house (twice last year) is that you stuff things into boxes, and you forget where you put them . . . then when you find what you’re looking for, you also find something else that you weren’t looking for . . . and get side-tracked lol.

I have a question – more for the “pre- mobile phone with cameras” generation . . . do you remember photo booths?  I know they stil have them in many places (like railway stations) but they’re not the photo booths of my childhood. Today it’s all digitalised, and I think the machine only prints out one picture, four times.  And if you don’t like it, you delete before printing and it snaps again.   In the good old 1970s – 1980s I used to take the 410 bus to our nearest town on a Saturday afternoon with friends. We’d go for a wander up and down the High Street window shopping (because most of our pocket money had already gone on the bus fare lol) . . . and we would inevitably end up in Woolworths where we would go and get some “selfies” in the black & white photo booth.

Usually, in order to save money, and because it was more fun, we’d cram in, several together . . . and then chop up and share the photos.  Occasionally, I would have pics done on my own (I was a teenager, after all, and that’s what teens do) . . . well blow me down with a feather!  I actually kept the photos lol.  And today I’ve even gone so far as to take a photo of the photos just to prove it lol.


Just look at that!

Top left, is from March 1978 so I was 14 at the time.  I get a little older as they go along.  There seems to be a problem with my hair a lot of the time (sticking out on one side) . . . the glasses get bigger as we hit 1980 and then thankfully disappear to be replaced by contact lenses.  But then the perm happens lol.

You can see me and my Mum in two of the photos, pulling faces.  And there’s another two I have to show you, unfortunately a little fuzzy.  My Mum trying to have new photos done for her passport.  If I remember rightly, the first 2 were okay for the passport . . .


then I was obviously cracking jokes outside the booth, and she just cracked up laughing Rire

I’m glad I found these Rire

What I was looking for, however, was my D9P top and cushion top.  I worked on this in May & June 2013, so that’s almost 2 years ago!  And it never got quilted.

I’ve decided I need to tackle the quilting and get both projects finished before I attempt to quilt my pinwheels.  So, it will be the cushion cover sized piece first


and then the quilt top


I’m dreading it lol.  But then again, I really do want to do it.  I love these fabrics too much and really would love to have this quilt and cushion in my living room this autumn.  It’s far from neat. When I fished it out and had a look, my seams are wonky, squares aren’t even square, and not much is lined up lol.  But I love it anyway.  This was my first attempt at machine sewing a patchwork and I love even the imperfections.

So come ladies, send out positive vibes . . . I need to get to work on this.


6 thoughts on “before “selfies” and what I need to tackle first

  1. I remember the days of the old fashioned photo booths and all of my friends piling in with me. We always pulled faces I’m afraid. I don’t think I have any of them but I’ll have a look in my Mother’s old boxes of photos. You never know.
    As for the quilting, come on, you know you can do it. Spray baste is your friend. Go for it Claire because although I love your D9P, I’m really waiting to see the pinwheels finished 🙂

    • yes I’ve got ones of me and friends all piled in together, but didn’t show those because I don’t know if they’d like those photos made public ^^

  2. If you don’t finish it, you’re bonkers! It’s lovely, wonkiness and all, and quilting it gives you permission to make mistakes and get comfortable with the process which you’d be afraid to do if it was more perfect. Love all those old photos. I had to throw out so many when I emigrated; too much stuff, not enough space… I had to choose, and the old photos were carefully selected and edited down to the ones I couldn’t live without.

  3. You really need to get those quilted and finished. They’re beautiful and I’m sure you’re the only one that can see any imperfections 🙂

    Also, I had that same perm in the 80s. Mine got quite a bit longer and my husband referred to it as the ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ look 😛

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