Spring has really sprung!

Spring really has sprung in this part of France!  Okay, so the primroses and daffodils are now over. The cherry tree has blossomed already, and cherries are beginning to form . . . and elsewhere, in the garden or down in the orchard, things are happening ^^

In the garden, I’ve been licking my lips in anticipation and counting how many fresh figs I’m going to be able to enjoy later on this summer.


Okay only four on this branch, but there are more branches lol.  And when I’ve stuffed my face with figs, I’ll be able to get lots of vitamin C because the kiwi is coming to life too.


I’ve never seen kiwi grow, so I don’t know whether to expect flowers first, or whether it grows like the fig, and produces fruit without blossoming.  Time will tell. I do know, however, that kiwi won’t be ready to be harvested until later summer (I think).

Out in the orchard, fruit trees are blossoming too.  I think these are plum


and I think the next photo will be apples


but then again, maybe it’s the other way round?  I do know what these are though . . .


strawberries – yay!  Not only has my husband planted 80 strawberry plants in the “veggie patch” (along with 12 raspberry plants and 2 blackberries) but we’ve got two wild patches of strawberries growing in the orchard.  I am going to be so full of fresh fruit and vitamin C this summer lol.

Another discovery, in a very shadey corner of our garden, and most definitely NOT edible . . .


I think this is Lily of the Valley, at least the leaves look about right.  I’m a little worried if it is, because these are toxic for any silly animals that decide to chew on them, . . . then again, we’re not going to dig them up because there are more of these down by the stream, so I can’t go around the neighbourhood digging up things on the off-chance my cats will be silly enough to eat them.

And last photo . . . because I know you’re all wondering lol

they're out

Not a very good photo, because I didn’t want to startle them, but look !!!  My hens have done their coming out!  Miss Marple is there too, just behind the feeder.  They have mastered the ramp.  They know where the food and water is.  Aren’t they clever girls?


4 thoughts on “Spring has really sprung!

    • I hope to get some better photos of the ladies, without the chicken wire in the way, once they’re more settled. And if they’re good, I’ll let have them a few fig, kiwi and other fruits too when it all ripens lol.

  1. You are soooo lucky to have all of the fruit trees growing. my friend in the south of England had a kiwi tree. She had hundreds of fruits but just couldn’t get them to ripen. You should have no problem where you live 🙂

    • yes climate should be good for kiwi although I don’t think they’ll be ready before late summer/early autumn. I’ll have to Google that

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