eggs, pinwheels, and curious hens

I’d said I wasn’t going to bore you with photos of eggs every day . . . so apologies, because I’m going back on my word today lol.  However, there is a reason and it’s two-fold. First, I wanted to announce that yesterday all three hens laid ^^  Yep, and I really do know who laid what this time!

eggs of the day

Miranda’s is the one more to the left (52g),  Miss Marple laid the lighter coloured one (49g) and Miss Moneypenny laid the darker, smaller egg (42g).  I was actually quietly cleaning out the coop when she laid it!  I had been waiting patiently for them to leave the coop (but they haven’t) so had to clean around the girls, and make as little noise as possible.

Actually, tell a lie, Miranda DID come out of the hatch on Sunday. She was pushed out by the other two lol.  They were all crowding around the door, Miranda was closest to the exit, and before she knew it, someone gave her a shove!  She flew and roosted (more or less) on a narrow rafter under the roof of the enclosure . . . looking quite surprised, but pleased with herself, and then flew back in.

Anyway, yesterday, they didn’t seem very bothered while cleaning was going on, and it didn’t stop Miss Moneypenny from doing her thing.  At one point, I thought I’d startled her, because she suddenly left the nesting box, clucking loudly and making the most incredible racket.  This went on for a few minutes, as I talked the girls and tried to calm her down. Then I realised what all the fuss was about. She was simply announcing that she’d laid her egg ^^  And what a perfect little egg it was.

While not down talking to my hens, I managed to get some sewing done yesterday . . . and have assembled all my little pinwheel blocks.  Voilà.

blocks sewn

Some of the points are not quite perfect, but I’m happy nonetheless.  I’ve squared my blocks to 5.5” and will be sewing my white sashing later today.

After sewing this, I did a stint of well-needed housework, and then headed back off to see the hens.   I managed to coax Miss Marple down the ramp a couple of times, using the water fountain as bait lol.  The other two just watched, through the hatch, but I think their little brains are gradually registering information.  I have hopes that very soon, they’ll be running down that ramp in the morning, as soon as I open the hatch.  For the moment, this is what they do


Rire  They hear me talking and clucking, and they all come running to stick their beaks out of the hatch.  They know I’m the lady who brings food and water.  It won’t be long before we’re the best of friends!


14 thoughts on “eggs, pinwheels, and curious hens

    • well many people stop by hoping to see posts on crafting rather than eggs lol so I’ll try and contain my excitement a little and keep an even balance. But, like with any new “project/hobby” I do tend to get overly enthusiastic about things and want to share.

  1. I guarantee that within a very short time they’ll be up and about well before you are, and will hitch up their skirts and sprint when they see you coming with food, especially if you call them. Mine always responded to “Took-took-took-took-took!” and a rattling of the food container. I used to feed a small amount outside in the morning to get them out, and more in the evening inside their house to encourage them to go to bed. And there’s nothing wrong with loving your chickens and being proud of their work!

    • thanks for that reassurance Kate ^^ Yes, they’re definitely not “silly” – they may look a bit silly sometimes, but their beady eyes don’t miss a thing. And oh yes, the way to a hen’s heart is through her stomach – I worked that out by myself on day one lol.

  2. Post as many egg photos as you like, especially if accompanied by photos of the girls. They really are gorgeous 🙂

    Your quilt is looking smashing. Beautiful pinwheels!

  3. Clare, I’m very much enjoying reading about your hens and their eggs – such beautiful eggs that they’re laying!!! It’s obvious that you’re enjoying them (the hens and the eggs, lol)! Your pinwheel quilt is beautiful!

    • I am enjoying having my hens around Kate, and I am enjoying writing about them too. I know they’re “just birds” but I already feel quite attached to them, and I do think they are clever for laying such perfect eggs.

  4. I’m just as obsessed with my hens… You’ve probably noticed… And their eggs couldn’t be more impressive to me if they were made of gold. I feel like crying whenever I drop one. Get used to the “singing” after they lay their eggs. That’s usually the only time of day my girls are loud. 🙂

    • I have to say, Melissa, that your blog has been a great source of inspiration to me. I never really thought about having hens until I looked after my sister-in-law’s hens last summer . . . and then we bought this house with large plot of land, and I decided I just had to get some hens. And I am so glad I did. They’ve only been with us for 5 days and I’m loving every minute. Neighbours must think I’m mad, I go and sit in the grass just to talk to them at least ten times a day lol

  5. Your pinwheels are great, so bright and cheery. I love your chicken stories. The eggs are plenty to be excited about. You can show them every day. =)

    • thank you for your visit and comm ^^ I won’t be posting photos of eggs & hens every single day lol but they probably will become a regular item on my blog now.

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