baby steps with pinwheels

I have recently begun a new, small patchwork project, thanks to the encouragements of Avis, of Oh Sew Tempting.  Avis is my official enabler/cheerleader and has been giving me advice, boosting confidence, and basically saying “come on Claire, you can do it!”  So I decided to take the plunge and have begun my first pinwheels.

I wasn’t planning on doing pinwheels at all at first lol.  I had downloaded a very pretty pattern with a step-by-step tutorial to make a small quilt top with the “Somerset” charm squares Avis gave me for my birthday. She reckoned the pattern was “nice” but “not challenging enough” lol.   However, I didn’t want to go using my lovely Moda charm pack on a new adventure, when I was worried about messing it up . . . so we decided I could compromise and try a small cushion cover sized project for my first pinwheels.

Here is the first one front and back)



I’m afraid I have no idea what prints I’m using. I have been building up a stash of free charm squares (charm packs given by Pelenna Patchworks everytime you spend more than £25) . . . I simply chose some that I think look nice together, and am taking it from there. 

This third photo, to give you an idea of colours and prints.  None of the other blocks are assembled yet.

pinwheel layout

So there will be nine blocks, and these will be assembled with white sashing.  I’m hoping to fit in some quality sewing time this coming week . . . so stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “baby steps with pinwheels

    • yes Avis has big plans for me, I think ^^ . . . she’s already telling me what else I’ll be able to make once I’ve mastered triangles

  1. Lovely! Those look super straight and neat and not like the work of a novice at all! I also love your colors! I have only ever made one quilt (er… it’s mostly finished and stashed away somewhere here) and choosing the fabric was so fun!

  2. Claire, these are so lovely. I can’t wait to see the finished project! The first project I took on when I started quilting was pinwheels. No one told me it was supposed to be hard… it wasn’t, but since then I have struggled with them!

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