fresh eggs

Look what I had for elevensies


and they were yummy.  Egg shells were a bit fragile, and eggs themselves were way too small for our normal sized egg-cups, but just look at those vibrant yolks!  We actually had five eggs to cook up.  Two for me and three for my husband, since he did the boiling ^^


I’m slightly confused now as to who is laying what because, since Thursday afternoon, we have had 5 eggs, all with different coloured shells and we’ve got 3 hens.  I thought, after the first 3, that I’d worked out which girl had laid which egg, but now I have to admit I don’t know.  It doesn’t really matter, I suppose, but I’ll try and see if I can work it out as the next eggs arrive.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with photos of eggs every day lol. 

15 thoughts on “fresh eggs

  1. If you lurk around the hen house and listen to see who’s announcing she’s done her day’s work, you can match the egg to the chook… On the other hand, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to know that badly! They are very healthy looking eggs, and clearly your girls are getting a good varied diet.

  2. Your eggs or should I say your hens’ eggs aren’t boring at all!! I’m enjoying reading about your adventures with the ‘girls’ and seeing how productive they are. Some years ago we were told that the colour of the hen’s ears will determine the colour of her egg – perhaps just a myth or perhaps it might help you determine who is laying which egg. These eggs look yummy – I so miss farm fresh eggs!!

    • yes I read that about hens’ ears. I’ll have to go and look!
      as for apologising about boring people, that was because most people stop by because my blog is usually about crafting . . . so it’s to reassure readers that crafting will still be the main topic, but the moment it’s just too exciting with these fresh eggs and the girls.

  3. PS – the hens perhaps need calcium to make stronger shells …. you can give them the egg shells and they will peck at them …. likely you know this. lol

    • yes I’ve got crushed Oyster shells to add to their feed. I expect the eggs they’re laying so far are with the calcium intake they had in food while at the breeder’s since they’ve only been with us a few days.

  4. Congratulations, Claire, now you know the secret! Isn’t it wonderful? If you don’t mind I will share: You mentioned the shell was a bit thin. Are you supplying them with a bit of calcium? It should be offered in a separate crock or little feeder so they can take it as needed. The food we feed them often does not have enough calcium for their needs.

      • not a problem Lynda, I appreciate all in-put.
        Yes I bought crushed Oyster shells and I’m adding a handful to the feed. I think, because I only bought the hens on Thursday, I wasn’t to worried about the first egg shells. they seem to be stronger since.

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