still indoors

I had been hoping that hens would have ventured outside today, but nope, they’re still indoors.  The little hatch is open, they occasionally peek out, but no one is feeling brave enough to go down that ramp. 

I’ve been impatient to show you photos and do official presentations, so I did what I could, in the confines of the coop . . . not how I had planned on doing things, but it’s better than no photos at all. Several people have asked what breed of hens I was getting.  I have bought “hybrid” light-weight laying hens from a local breeder.  They’re just “normal” egg-laying hens – no pedigrees.   While I could classify them, after looking at photos in my books, as Rhode Island, Black Rock, and Marans-Cuckoo, I’m not sure if they really are ^^  Anyway, hens are all 20 weeks old.

First, please meet Miranda – she’s our red hen, with black tail


She is the one who laid the first egg, in the travel box, on Thursday.  She seems very laid back and has let me stroke her.  I was amazed at how soft & silky her feathers her.

Then there is Miss Marple – our black hen with copper feathers around the neck


and Miss Moneypenny – a hybrid Marans-Cuckoo, so we won’t be getting any dark chocolate coloured eggs, I don’t think ^^


Anyway, while the girls don’t want to venture outside, we have had the pleasure of collecting three eggs in 24 hours – yay!  Miranda’s egg on Thursday and the two other eggs yesterday.  Here they are . . .


from left to right: Miranda’s slightly speckled egg (51g) , Miss Moneypenny’s contribution in the middle, is darker than the others (49g) and Miss Marple’s egg on the right (45g).  LOL, yes I weighed the eggs ^^  It will be interesting to see how much size/weight increases as the hens mature. 


10 thoughts on “still indoors

  1. I think Miranda has some ISA Brown in her, which means she’ll be a very reliable layer. Miss Marple looks like a Barnevelder cross with something else, very handsome. Shame about no very dark brown eggs, but they don’t actually taste any better, if truth be told…

    • no I know shell colour isn’t taste related ^^ Wouldn’t it be nice though, hens that lay chocolate eggs lol.
      Do you have any tips as to how to encourage the girls to venture out of the coop? Or do I just have to be patient a little while longer?

      • Probably just patience, but a little grain or other goodies trailed out of the door and scattered around outside might help! If they fail to launch after a week, you may have to go in after them and physically pick them up and place them outside. Nothing traumatic, just “out you go and play now”.

      • lol
        myother half actually picked them up and put them in the small enclosure this morning – less than an hour later they were all back indoors lol

      • They’ll get used to the idea. You can let them do that for a week or so, and then leave the door open till they’ve laid and then close it to keep them outside.

    • ah ha! names lol . . . Miranda seemed an obvious choice because the model of coop we bought is the “Miranda Duplex” and I am also a huge Miranda Hart fan. From then, I was trying to think of other names beginning with M. Miss Marple seemed appropriate for the black hen, because I always picture Miss Marple wearing black, and with a little sparkle in her eye lol . . . and Miss Moneypenny just came to me in a flash of inspiration lol. I love finding names for pets – much more fun than finding names for human babies ^^

      • Love it! And yes, naming pets is great fun, as you can call them anything and no-one reminds you that the poor things will be teased at school 😛
        (although I did have second thoughts on the name of one of my cats, years ago, when I was standing outside calling “Whisky, Whisky” and the neighbours were giving me odd looks.)

  2. Such lovely girls… And lovely eggs too! I’m sure they’ll be feeling at home in no time. I’m glad they let you pet them. I love petting my girls’ soft, silky feathers. 🙂

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