Hélène & Mahélia’s mystery SAL parts #5 & #6 (with an oops!)

Yes, had a bit of a “oops” with Hélène & Mahélia’s mystery SAL but didn’t notice it until I began stitching stage 6.  These things happen.

Basically, I miscounted way back for part 2, when we had to add a scattering of purple stitches thus

Claire Avril 2

I thought I had been extra careful when counting . . . and happily continued with part 5, not noticing my error

Claire April 5

concentrating more on suddenly seeing the picture unfold, than noticing that the blond head on the left should have been slightly lower compared to the mother’s head on the right.  It wasn’t until I began part 6 that I realised my mistake . . . so had to do some frogging.  I hate frogging, I really do!  Anyway, turns out it wasn’t too bad – just had to unpick the blond hair, and some of my purple dots (plus the part 6 I had begun) . . . and while I was re-stitching, I decided to change hair colour and make the child a paler blond ^^

Claire April 6

Now, I’m not sure if my colours will work – I’m hoping the pale green thing with purple dots will turn out to be a blanket/towel or PJs which is why I’ve gone for a soft pastel colour.  I don’t want to have to do any more frogging.

Next stages will be revealed on 25th – so stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Hélène & Mahélia’s mystery SAL parts #5 & #6 (with an oops!)

    • me too. My main worry was that it would show up on the fabric, but luckily, I managed to unpick without leaving any obvious marks.

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