“Life” update

It’s been a while since I did any stitching on “Life”.  My last update goes back to 12th February, in fact.  I didn’t realise it had been so long ^^ Then, I posted this photo


with 3 sections done.  I have now completed what I set myself for the fourth stage – complete the outline and start one filling another part


for the next stage, I will be stitching the flower to complete the large rectangle.

However, I might also be getting side-tracked with other stitchings ^^  A forum friend, Corinne, was selling a second-hand xstitch magazine, the cover of which caught my eye, so I bought it.


It was the cat design that caught my eye, but when I received the magazine, I discovered there are also some nice, easy hens to stitch too – how appropriate!


Thank you to Corinne for this lovely magazine, and for the bookmarks that also found their way the enveloppe.



5 thoughts on ““Life” update

  1. Oh, those chicken egg cosies are gorgeous! I’d love a set of those, or even just the pattern. Is the magazine an old one? Do you think it would be possible to get hold of it still?

    • it’s March/April 2014.
      if you’re patient, I’ll send you the mag when I’m finished with it.
      Might not be until 2016 lol but I’d be happy to pass it on. Can you wait until then?

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