happy dancing with a bed banner

We’ve been away for part of Easter weekend, helping eldest son and Titia move into their new flat . . . which was the perfect occasion to give them a present I had been working on.   A “bed banner” – as in, a small quilt to hang on the wall above their bed.

Titia had asked me to make them one last year ^^ . . . I began, but, with our own house moves, things got stuffed in a drawer and I never seemed to find the time to finish. Until I learned they would be moving, and decided I had to get it finished in time to make the perfect flat-warming present!

When I began, in March last year, I had decided that I would do this project making blocks to quilt as I went.  This seemed the easiest option for a beginner, when working on a basic sewing machine.  “Purples” was the colour Titia asked for . . . so I began thus


then quilted each block with straight lines . . . and followed the Gourmet Quilter’s really excellent video on youtube for assembly.   The method is actually very easy, although practise will be needed to make it perfect lol.  I also have to say a huge thank you to Avis, without whose help and encouragement this quilt would never have seen the light of day ^^

So drum roll . . . and photos of my most recent (and largest ever) quilted piece.

bb front 2

bb front 1

modelled here, by my headless husband, and a broom stick.  I added loops thinking the best way to hang it will be on a length of wooden dowling.  And I made it reversible, in case they get fed up with the busy blocks


bb back

The finished piece measures approx 140cm x 70cm.  As I say, it’s the largest quilt I’ve finished so far so it has given me the motivation I need to get out one of my other quilt top and finish it very soon.

And a thank you to Titia ^^ who bought me two new thimbles for my collection AND took the photo for me, because I am incapable of taking decent unfuzzy close-ups ^^



11 thoughts on “happy dancing with a bed banner

    • thanks Kate ^^ yes, originally it was just supposed to be something I was making for them, then with the new flat, I knew I just had to get it finished.

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