“Friendship Quilt” update

I was up late stitching frantically, trying to get my block finished in time to show you today for our 3-weekly update.  Didn’t quite have time to do the backstitching, but the block design itself is finished – phew! 

SAL 12

Don’t forget to check out stitchings of my fellow SALers ^^  There’s Avis, who is also stitching “Friendship Quilt” a design by Whispered by the Wind . . . and then other ladies (some who won’t be posting updates this time around) all working on lots of different projects.

Gun, Carole, Kate, Alison, Jule, Elizabeth, Wendy and Lucyann.  Feel free to hop over and see what they’ve been up to ^^  Next update on 18th April. 


12 thoughts on ““Friendship Quilt” update

    • yes, Avis keeps on modifying all the blocks too, so even when we’ve stitched the same design, they never look the same ^^

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