cats in the sun

My week has been literally craft-less . . . through no one’s fault but my own.  I could have found plenty of time, but have chosen to spend it in other ways, notably researching hen coops.  I said, last summer, that when we got our new home I would like to have a few hens.  Now seems like the season to do something about it, so I’ve been spending hours on various sites, reading and pricing up possible hen houses. 

I was very pleased to discover that one of the sites has a showroom/warehouse not too far from us. So, I am stopping research on the internet for the rest of week, and we’re going to visit the showroom to have a look at coops in real life.  It will give us the opportunity to see the size & quality . . . we might buy one on the day . . . or I might just continue my research.

Until I am 100% sure, I’m not going to start this new venture. It all needs to be carefully thought out beforehand.

So, for today, I enjoyed some sunshine out in the garden with the animals.  Blackjack was wandering around, and leaving dog hair all over the grass (and cats!).  Merlin took up his usual photo pose


and then decided to settle for a snooze amongst the violets


Le Bleu had a lovely roll around in the grass too


getting himself covered in dog hair, before wandering off to find a better spot from which to survey the garden



Our daffodils are only just coming out – surprisingly late but neighbours have been telling us it’s normal.  Apparently we have our very own micro-climate ^^   


3 thoughts on “cats in the sun

  1. Oh, I love the photos of your cats in the sun! That is one thing our girls miss by being indoor cats – rolling around in the grass and sleeping in the yard. they do always manage to find the sunny window, but it isn’t the same. 🙂

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