Spring flowers

I think most people would agree – Spring is a lovely time of year with Nature waking up after a cold winter, and bursts of colour in the garden as the flowers pop up.  Since this is our first Spring in the new house, we have no idea what to expect, and I am thrilled, each time I go outside, to see that the carpet of colour is spreading and spreading.

Up against one of the wall in our garden there is a carpet of violets . . . or at least I assume they’re violets, even though there appear to be some white ones.


In the vegetable patch there is a whole corner, taken over by primroses


and when you get up close, there are a variety of colours there too



and even a few clumps of an even darker pink


I just think it’s amazing ^^    There are also, what I thought were, bluebells . . . but they seem to have opened out more than bluebells usually do



and still more shoots from bulbs, coming through, but yet to bloom. So looking forward to seeing what they are!

Indoors, I have some lace flowers to show you.  A quick explanation because you’ll be seeing many more photos of crafting discoveries.  My mother-in-law died last month, and all her crafting supplies have come to me.  She was into all sorts of crafts, but mainly sewing, and had built up a huge stash of fabrics and accessories.  So much, that I will never be able to use even one tenth of what is in the boxes, but I have started looking through to see what treasures are inside.  One bag contained this

old lace 01

some rather “scruffy” looking flowers, that didn’t appeal to me at all . . . until I had the patience to iron them . . .

old lace 04

old lace 03

old lace 05

Aren’t they gorgeous?  As you can see, from the second and last photo, there is a design to the “lace” that makes it all curvy. I imagine it’s for decorating collars of blouses/dresses, or maybe even for an evening dress?  I have no idea what I will do with them, but I’ll try to come up with an idea to put these flowers to good use.


4 thoughts on “Spring flowers

    • yes I suppose it could be for a round table cloth, but I don’t use table cloths, so that doesn’t help me with ideas lol.

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