a bit of this, that, and the other

My week didn’t get off to a very productive start – a bit of housework, a walk to the PO and way too much time spent playing games on my tablet lol.  Nevermind, tomorrow is another day, full of crafting possibilities!

I do have a mish-mash of pics to show you though . . . some more bookmarks – yay!  Firstly, from Yo, Lindashee’s boyfriend (I actually discovered that he’s the one who’s been picking up all the bookmarks my daughter brings me lol), so thank you to Yo,


for any eagle eyes, the one on the left is in duplicate from the other day.

And post lady brought mail . . . from Sandrine


and an order from Jaycotts sewing supplies ^^   Yep, after showing you Doris, I realised I would need some patterns!  Can’t launch myself into “dress-making” without paper patterns now, can I? 

Now, I’m trying to be realistic, and not jump in at the deep end, so to speak.  I realise first sewing attempts will probably not be good enough to actually want to wear them out in public, so . . . I have invested in a pattern for PJs.


It’s supposed to be fast & easy.  We’ll see.  I’m a shortie PJ lady myself, so won’t be making any of the nighties. However, I’ll be able to experiment with different length shorts, and try either no sleeves, or short sleeves.  That sounds like a Plan ^^  Also ordered two different patterns for “tops”.  Again, I’ve gone for “easy”.  And ones that look fairly versatile.


Don’t expect to see any sewing too soon.  I need to get used to the idea first, and doing some watching of videos before I begin.


6 thoughts on “a bit of this, that, and the other

  1. I bought some PJ patterns to start off with too. I haven’t got around to starting them yet though. I’m a little intimidated 😛

    Maybe I’ll see how you get on first…

    • yes I did think that, depending on choice of fabric, I could probably also use the patterns for some tops, or even summer shorts/trousers. With the price of patterns, I will try to get as much use out of it as possible.

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