two butterfly pouches

Parcel has been sent and received which means I can unveil photos of two little patchwork projects . . . made for ‘Titia.

I showed you a preview of fabric the other day

for Titia 01

Now, ‘Titia is a student nurse, and asked me if I could make her a patchwork pouch for her stethoscope and blood pressure instrument.  Since she came here recently for the weekend, I asked her to look through my fabric stash and choose her fabrics.  The above photo is what she chose.

I wasn’t really sure what size to make the pouch, so just lept in feet first, as I usually do, and played around with fabrics.  I began thus: first making 2 panels (blue, butterflies & white print then white print, flowers, blue).

for Titia 02

I then sliced these up making wider bands with the butterflies.

for Titia 03

Then I assembled.

for Titia 05


for Titia 06

and, after binding, poppers and buttons, I had a pouch ^^

for Titia 08

for Titia 10

for Titia 11

However, I wasn’t too sure whether the pouch would be appropriate or not.  I added ceramic butterfly buttons to hide the popper fastening . . . and began to wonder if that was such a good idea.  I also had doubts about the shape . . . being 13” x 8”, I wondered if it wasn’t too elongated.  So . . . I decided to make a second pouch lol.  Not having enough of the blue, I substituted for a different blue and, this time, I cut 5” squares.


Very bravely, I then set about about making triangles (following Avis’ pinwheel method)


But I didn’t assemble as pinwheels, and chose to assemble thus



with velcro bands this time, for an easier opening.


This second pouch measures 9” x 11” so seems more in proportion.  But then again, I still don’t know if it’s the required size.  So . . . I sent both pouches lol.



I am pleased to say that ‘Titia loves them both ^^  She is going to use the first one, with ceramic buttons for her stethoscope and the second one, with velcro fastening, for her tablet.  I am so pleased both will come in useful ^^


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