what a sunny Sunday

What a sunny Sunday we have had!  In fact, what a sunny weekend!  It’s been gorgeous!  I couldn’t resist taking my camera outside again, because I am really enjoying watching the cats enjoying their freedom in the garden. 

Le Bleu (who caught a baby mouse the other day) obviously thought he saw something today, because he got into hunter/stealth mode


while Merlin was “being rude” on the garden wall lol. 


can you see that pink tongue just poking out?  He often wanders around like that – not sure why. 



yep, still poking his tongue out ^^

And something else is also poking out . . . lots of Springtime flowers are beginning to show their heads . . . with primroses already in full bloom.


I’ll have to take my camera down to the vegetable patch tomorrow if weather stays fine. There are some white and pink primroses there . . . and, what we think are, bluebells. 


4 thoughts on “what a sunny Sunday

  1. Oh, the primroses! It’s been so long since I saw or smelled their sweet scent. They don’t grow here, but I used to love them as one of the signs that spring was truly on the way. We’re supposed to be heading into autumn now, but no sign of the heat abating, it’s still dreadfully hot by day and night…

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