“Friendship Quilt” 3-weekly update

It’s 8th March, time for myself and fellow SAL-ers to post our 3-weekly updates ^^

So  here is my latest block, bringing me to a total of eleven.

SAL 11

Another tricky one to stitch with loads of 1/4 and 3/4 stitches but, I think, well worth the effort of going cross-eyed ^^

Don’t forget to hop over and see Avis’ progress, she is stitching the same design but so far we’ve done completely different blocks.  And then, hop over to see the variety of stitching by the other ladies: Gun, Carole, Kate, Alison, Jule, Elisabeth, Wendy and Lucyann.

Next update on 29th March.

9 thoughts on ““Friendship Quilt” 3-weekly update

  1. I really love this pattern. I’m afraid I may never start the quilted sampler I promised for Brittany’s room, but I just might be able to stitch one for her. Hmmm, do I sense a new project coming on! Thanks for inspiration!

  2. I love your cross stitch. I found your blog by clicking on your link in the blog by Avis–which zi reached from Lucy Ann. Cross stitch is my passion and I always enjoy getting inspiration from others. I will enjoy following you and checking out other posts.

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