“Quaker in Blue”

I was so chuffed to receive some photos recently, from a forum friend, mamoures.  She belongs to a cross stitch club: “Si le point m’était compté”, full of very talented stitchers, and they all had a stitch-along, using one of my free charts!  They chose “Quaker in Blue” but stitched in a variety of colours . . . and then they all brought their stitchings/finishes along to a club meeting for a mini exhibition ^^

Mamoures sent me photos, but I’m afraid I don’t know ladies’ names, nor who stitched what, although I do know that mamoures stitched this pink version.




Just look at all of those different versions of the same chart!!!   There are bags, banners, boxes, cushions, needle books, framed pictures . . .  It really is a pleasure to see.  People rarely leave feedback for free charts, and they don’t realise just how uplifting is it, to know that someone is actually stitching my designs.

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