happy dancing with Hélène February Mystery SAL.

You’ve seen photos of my progress with Hélène & Mahélia’s February Mystery SAL.  Today I can reveal the complete design because, I have not only finished stitching, I have also done my finishings – yay!  To keep up the suspense lol . . . some photos of details first.

A little rose embellishment (that was in the pack Lindashee gave me for Christmas) and some cream lace, stitched on by hand.

angel 01

the back, using fabric left over from the place mats I made eldest son and Titia

angel 03

the inside (yes it’s a pouch) with small velcro strips for fastening

angel 04

. . . now for a little bit more of the cross stitch

angel 05

definitely an angel ^^

angel 02

I added Mill Hill gold seed beads instead of French knots.

angel 06

Isn’t she beautiful.  Although I had no idea what I was stitching when the SAL began, I am ever so glad I decided to stitch on “natural” Trento evenweave.  That choice of fabric, plus the colour of the angel’s robe, is what dictated my choice of fabric and embellishments when doing my finishing.  I’ve kept things quite monochrome, using some “Focus” strips from my scrap bag for the front,  but with a reminder of the red rose on the back. 

This pouch is going to be . . . for me ^^  A perfect size to store one of my current xstitch projects (chart & threads) and much prettier than the plastic bag I usually use.


6 thoughts on “happy dancing with Hélène February Mystery SAL.

    • thank you Carole ^^ I’m having something of a “pouch” week, have made three in as many days, but can’t show the others yet.

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