thanks yous, retail therapy and Merlin

Three totally unrelated subjects ^^ but does it really matter?  Much easier to do one post than three . . . so here we go for the “thank yous” which are actually “merci”. 

Merci to Yvonne who always remembers my birthday, and sends me a little handmade gift and card without fail.  This year she sent me a lovely little scissor keep



Merci to Monique who also sent me some gorgeous mail for my birthday – a bookmark and lovely card


Merci to Titia and eldest son whose card I forgot to show


and Merci to my sister-in-law – I will be smelling so nice !!!


Next – a very naughty spending spree . . . yep, sorry, but I needed some retail therapy and despite (or rather because of) receiving some Moda “Somerset” charm squares for my birthday . . . I went and bought some stash packs and solids on Pelenna Patchworks.  Stash packs of some of the Moda “Somerset” fabrics because they are so gorgeous (photo doesn’t do them justice because taken in artificial light without flash).IMGP8220

Now, I originally went browsing on Pelenna Patchworks because I needed some solids (white and other light neutral colours) because I have lots of print fabric but not so much plain solids, and I have plans for the 5” squares Avis sent for my birthday (photo to remind you and show better colours – stash packs are the same as the “flower” bottom left)


Problem is . . . on Pelenna Patchworks, if you spend £25 or more, they send you a free pack of sixteen 5” squares lol . . . so I didn’t want to miss out on that now, did I?  Which explains how the stash packs found their way into my cart when I was shopping for solids lol.  And I duly received my free 5” squares



. . . oooh look, another “Somerset” square ^^

I also made use of their free sample service . . . and asked for 10 samples of other fabrics that I wanted a closer look at


Lots of beautiful colours . . . just what I needed ^^

And last photos . . . to show you that Merlin has finally decided to use the cat tree !!!  Now we bought the tree before Christmas, and seeing as the cats didn’t seem interested, I had been using it as a coffee table, and leaving all my stitching bits on it. Obviously, since it became a coffee table, Merlin suddenly took an interest


although at the moment, he seems to take an interest in lots of things.  He has also taken to sleeping on my computer desk, right next to screen


He seems to think it’s a radiator, as it does give off some heat ^^


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