“cupcakes” finished as needle books

All throughout 2014 I stitched a full set of little cupcakes, designed by Lorraine Clarke and downloadable for free on Cyberstitchers.  They turned out various sizes because I was using leftover pieces of fabric, and were not necessarily in the “correct” colours because I used leftover threads.  As with many of my stitchings, they were then bunged into a drawer ^^  However . . . I knew they were there, and my little brain had saved an idea inspired by Yvonne (from February 2013), when she sent me a needle book and a pin book.  I had seen tutorials for this kind of thing for example on Cats ‘n Cart Crafts  and here on Make it Do.

I therefore decided to make some of my own . . .


nothing could be easier!  Some card, some felt, a stapler, and some needles or pins.



Anyway, two of these needle books have already been posted as little birthday gifts . . . saying that, I’m not very good with remembering birthdays, so I’ve decided that the rest will be posted as the year progresses . . . and make little surprise “UNbirthday” gifts to some of my blogging, stitching friends ^^  You never know, you may be one of the lucky people . . . if not, they really are so simple to make, I suggest you give it a try.


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