a walk down memory lane

A recent article by Kate of talltalesofchiconia about the value of home made gifts, is what prompted this post ^^. As you know, we have recently moved house, which means boxing up our treasures then unboxing in the new house. Alongside that, we’re also boxing up for MIL who needs to downsize . . . and while packing, I rediscovered some home-made gifts.  Apologies for bad quality of photos – my camera doesn’t want to focus properly today – a bit like me ^^

In our house – something eldest son stitched, probably in 2000 (so he was 12 at the time).  I can’t remember if it was a gift for me or my husband, but it’s now in pride of place in my sewing room . . . alongside a little box made for me by Titia a few years ago ^^


Then in MIL’s flat . . . a wooden tray, done with “serviettage” by our daughter, probably when she was aged around 8 (so that’s 13 years ago)


And some of my first cross stitch pieces . . . both of which I stitched for my father-in-law (who died last year).  A small fox terrier because, that would have been his dream dog


and something slightly larger


These were both stitched probably 18 years ago, or so.  It’s wonderful to see that gifts were kept and treasured ^^


One thought on “a walk down memory lane

  1. I think this shows the value not only of your work but of the people who received the gifts… The post about value perceptions has prompted the largest number of views I’ve ever had on my blog; clearly it’s a subject of passionate interest to a great many people who work with their hands to produce a thing of beauty. As I said there, and will continue to say: “we create because we can, and because we must”. Keep up your lovely work.

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