“Friendship Quilt V” SAL update

Hello folks, time to show update photo of our SAL . . . stitching “Friendship Quilt V” (Whispered by the Wind) along with Avis . . . and lots of other ladies who are all working on completely different projects.  The aim of the game being, simply to encourage each other and show 3 weekly updates.

Last time my fabric looked like this

9 blocks

and today it looks like


That makes 10 blocks for me so far . . . only 15 to go lol.  Don’t forget to check out fellow SALers’ blogs . . . we’re a really international bunch ^^

There’s Avis, Gun, Carole, Kate, Alison, Jule, Elisabeth, Wendy, and a newcomer . . . Lucyann.  Next update on 8th March.


8 thoughts on ““Friendship Quilt V” SAL update

  1. Lovely Claire – don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do. Really coming together now and looking forward to seeing what block you choose to do next!
    Alison x

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